• NIC Kay

NIC Kay: Video Across the Arts: Performance and the Moving Image

Where is the stage, and who is watching? 


NIC Kay re-creates video editing effects like glitches, rewinding, freeze frame, and overlay choreographically across various mediums. These undisciplined performances are inspired by the playfulness and immediacy of sharing video content online. NIC uses these works to explore the troubled relationships between the Black performer, the camera/video, and the audience/viewers.


NIC Kay is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, and conceptual choreographer who works with movement to explore relationality and yearning. They are obsessed with the act and process of moving, change of place, production of space, and clarity gained from shifting perspective. NIC has shown work, spoken on panels, and hosted workshops throughout the United States and internationally. In 2023 they joined the Art Practice faculty at UC Berkeley.