Alex Saum-Pascual: Digital Poetry for the End of the World

Alex Saum-Pascual—a digital artist, poet, and UC Berkeley professor of contemporary Spanish literature and new media—discusses her academic and creative work on digital literature, examining the environmental impact of digital technologies.

Saum-Pascual is the author of #Postweb! Crear con la máquina y en la red (Iberoamericana-Vervuert, 2018), as well as the coeditor of Electronic Literature [Frame]works for the Creative Digital Humanities (Electronic Book Review, 2020), and the author of numerous articles, special issues, and book chapters on digital media and literature in the Spanish-speaking world. Her digital artwork and poetry have been exhibited in galleries and art festivals internationally, studied in monographs such as Mujeres poetas del mundo digital (2020), and anthologized in the Electronic Literature Collection, vol. 4 (2022).

Currently, she is associate professor of contemporary Spanish literature and new media at UC Berkeley. She is also part of the Executive Committee of the Berkeley Center for New Media and the board of directors of the Electronic Literature Organization.