Online Only—Petra Linhartová: Water Your Ways of Thinking

This event will be presented online only, as a Zoom webinar.

The Ocean demands a different state of mind. To think with water is to think from change instead of land. Is the Ocean an art space? A space of imagination or rebellion? The Ocean helps us cross the boundaries of land and sea and become amphibious thinkers. This way, oceanic thought can reach beyond its saline basin. Imagine thinking oceanically about space, time, and life; thought dispersed like waterways.

Petra Linhartová is Head of Digital & Innovation at TBA21–Academy, leading and delivering innovations and digital solutions that drive regenerative and transformative impact in line with the TBA21’s strategy to future proof the organization’s positive influence.

The methodology accumulated and incubated by TBA21–Academy's practice manifests digitally through This online platform investigates the potential of storytelling and transdisciplinary collaboration within and beyond archival practices to open up diverse narratives through decolonial counter-strategies, employing the formats of imaginative responses, artistic expressions, collaborative research, educational activities, and policy interventions. It strives to expand critical ocean literacy in a time of great necessity, supports collaboration across disciplines and knowledge systems, and catalyzes collective action. is a digital embodiment of oceanic thinking. This lecture invites the audience, among others, to wade together through the Archive's many currents and experience creative practices within digital interfaces and beyond traditional frameworks.