• Laurel, a white woman with creamy skin, cropped silvery hair, and hazel eyes, looks thoughtfully to one side. Crimson lipstick punctuates a slight smile.
  • Laurel arches back into the floor, balancing on two wheels, arms curved up loosely over body and face. Freckles glow in the light and her silver top drapes, of a piece with her frame.

Laurel Lawson: Art Is an Experience: UX, Access, and Equity

Experiencing art is a negotiation between instigator and participant, not necessarily bound to a technical medium. Intentional design processes can help us make better art and better experiences. Grounded in disabled understandings of the value of multiplicity of embodiment and experience, choreographer, designer, and engineer Laurel Lawson’s talk moves from transdisciplinary art making and decentered design practice, to equitable aesthetic accessibility and technology ethics and leadership.

Lawson is a transdisciplinary artist making work that imagines new kinds of experience, reinterprets traditional stories, and questions cultural assumptions. Featuring synthesistic mythology and partnering, her work includes both traditional choreography for disabled and nondisabled artists and novel ways of extending and creating art through technology and design. Her independent choreographic, teaching, and production work can be found at rosetree.org.