23rd San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

3/11/05 to 3/20/05

  • Cutie Honey|March 12

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Past Films

  • Schizo

    • Sunday, March 20 4pm

    A slack-jawed teenager and his drunken uncle take on the motley mafiosi of Central Asia in this grungy directorial debut from Kazakhstan's Guka Omarova, a work colored with the gentle naturalism of a Mahkmalbaf or Kiarostami yet dominated by a strangeness all its own.

  • Evolution of a Filipino Family

    • Saturday, March 19 12:30pm

    Lav Diaz in Person. A poor family's fate intersects with history in Lav Diaz's epic examination of life in the Philippines under the martial law imposed by President Ferdinand Marcos. Shot in black and white over an eight-year period, this extraordinary work probes the wounds of the Filipino psyche. Ten and a half hours, with dinner break.

  • Cavite

    • Wednesday, March 16 7:30pm

    Ian Gamazon and Neill Dela Llana in Person. A Filipino American's search for his kidnapped family leads him on a treacherous journey through the poverty-stricken town of Cavite. A gripping and incisive commentary on Islamic terrorism in the Philippines.

  • 62 Years and 6500 Miles Between

    • Tuesday, March 15 7:30pm

    Anita Chang in Person. Interweaving the stories of four Taiwanese women with their nation's political upheaval, Anita Chang shapes a poignant and moving portrait of her grandmother-known to many in Taipei as "Democratic Grandma." With shorts Plane Maker and Thunder Lannyang.

  • The People of Angkor

    • Monday, March 14 7:30pm

    Rithy Panh (S21: Khmer Rouge Killing Machine) documents the legendary temples of Angkor, and the laborers, peddlers, and holy men paradoxically creating a future out of its ruins.

  • A Fond Kiss

    • Sunday, March 13 3:45pm

    Ken Loach's new film is a passionate look at interracial romance.

  • Turtles Can Fly

    • Sunday, March 13 6pm

    A wartime view of Kurdish northern Iraq by Iran's Bahman Ghobadi.

  • Dumplings

    • Sunday, March 13 8:10pm

    From Hong Kong, a deliciously wicked film about vanity, shot by Christopher Doyle.

  • And Thereafter

    • Saturday, March 12 5pm

    Controversial doc on a Korean war bride living in rural poverty. With short God Is Good.

  • Oldboy

    • Saturday, March 12 7pm

    Cannes-prizewinning revenge melodrama from Korea's Park Chan-wook.

  • Cutie Honey

    • Saturday, March 12 9:45pm

    A vinyl-suited superheroine fights crime in a fanciful live-action anime.

  • Ethan Mao

    • Friday, March 11 7pm

    Quentin Lee in Person. A teenage hustler returns home to confront his homophobic family in this explosive thriller/melodrama by the director of Shopping for Fangs and Drift.

  • Keka

    • Friday, March 11 9:15pm

    A black comedy about a very modern woman who works at a call center, goes on dates, hangs out with friends, and moonlights as a serial killer.