25th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

3/16/07 to 3/24/07

This year's festival ventures from Canada to Kabul, offering glimpses-fictional and all too real-of women looking for love in Japan, polygamists in Indonesia, gangsters in Korea, and vampires in L.A. Plus two by Hong Sang-soo, South Korea's answer to Eric Rohmer.

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  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, March 22

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Past Films

  • A Dirty Carnival

    • Saturday, March 24 8:30pm

    A low-level gangster deals with family problems and "family" problems in a Korean Mean Streets. "Elevates the genre to an epic narrative level."-Variety

  • Love for Share

    • Saturday, March 24 6:00pm

    The rise of polygamy is dissected in this fascinating Indonesian drama. Best Film Award, Hawaii International Film Festival.

  • The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief

    • Friday, March 23 7:00 PM

    Welcome to the world of Japanese "host" clubs, where the "love-for-hire" tables are turned and women pay for men's company. Best Documentary, Edinburgh Film Festival.

  • Do Over

    • Friday, March 23 8:45 PM

    Five characters variously involved in film, gangs, and drugs weave through contemporary Taipei in this ultra-stylish noir. Best Film, Best Cinematography, Taipei Film Festival.

  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

    • Thursday, March 22 7:30pm

  • Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors

    • Wednesday, March 21 19:30

  • Kabul Transit

    • Tuesday, March 20 7:30pm

    David Edwards in Person. The historic city of Kabul is shown as you've never seen it before in this street-level documentary. "A mosaic of images and experiences that convey the sorrow, black humor, irony, and surprising hope that can exist in the most untenable of situations."-Film Society of Lincoln Center

  • Woman on the Beach

    • Sunday, March 18 7:00pm

    A lecherous film director stumbles through two romantic triangles in Hong Sang-soo's latest. “A wicked comedy of manners in the blue key of disappointment.”-N.Y. Times

  • Ghosts

    • Sunday, March 18 5:00pm

    Documentarian Nick Broomfield turns to fiction for this story of illegal Chinese immigrants in England. "A note of solidarity with the disposessed."-Variety.

  • It's Only Talk

    • Saturday, March 17 6:00pm

    The director and star of Vibrator return with this romantic, late-summer tale of a young woman and her varied love interests.

  • Summer Palace

    • Saturday, March 17 8:30pm

    Beijing in the '80s-Tiananmen Square, student unrest-is the backdrop of this surprisingly explicit love story from the director of Purple Butterfly.

  • Made in Korea

    • Saturday, March 17 4:00pm

    In-Soo Radstake in Person. A Korean adoptee in Holland embarks on an awkward search for his Korean family. A humorous take on “finding oneself.”

  • American Zombie

    • Friday, March 16 9:00pm

    Grace Lee, Rebecca Sonnenshine, and Suzy Nakamura in Person. A “documentary” on one of the lesser-known marginalized communities of Los Angeles: zombies. From the director of The Grace Lee Project.

  • In Between Days

    • Friday, March 16 7:00pm

    A recently arrived Korean immigrant in Toronto struggles to overcome isolation and teen heartbreak. “Painful, funny, unsentimental, perfectly measured in its ambiguities, it's exemplary low-budget filmmaking.”-Village Voice