• Amy X Neuburg. Photo: Rob Thomas

Full: Amy X Neuburg Gets Rid

Programmed by Sarah Cahill

Through songs old and new, movement, spoken word, and an homage to Yoko Ono's "Cut Piece," Amy X Neuburg Gets Rid.

Join her at BAMPFA for an evening exploring the notion of getting rid. Highlights include the dance of archaic cables, a suite of 30-second ditties on useless objects, a semi-improvised anti-plastic rant with analog Blippoo Box, some cathartic scissor-wielding, and several of Amy's classic live-looping songs about schmutz. Be prepared to leave with an object.

With direction/production help from choreographer Risa Jaroslow.

Bay Area icon Amy X Neuburg performs a singular blend of virtuosic vocals and live electronics, often with digital looping, in what she has dubbed “avant-cabaret.” She presents original songs, using her four-octave vocal range and wicked sense of humor to create social commentary that is both powerful and highly entertaining.