• Jubilith Moore

  • Sabrina Hou. Photo: Graeme Vanderstoel

Full: Noh and Kunqu Opera

Programmed by Graeme Vanderstoel


Jubilith Moore highlights the wide spectrum of female characters found in the noh cannon, in a performance of song and dance excerpts from traditional Japanese noh and contemporary new noh performed in English. We meet an angel giving the gift of heaven's music and dance to those of us on earth. a mother whose grief at the loss of her son has made her "mad," and a mother who sacrifices herself for the sake of her son’s future. Moore is joined by Bay Area performers Ellen Brooks, Sheila Devitt and Lluis Valls and special guest David Crandall.

Drawing from a different East Asian theatrical tradition, Chinese actress Sabrina Hou presents excerpts from Chinese Kunqu operas The Peony Pavilion and The Story of Jade Hairpin. She will be joined by her father Shaokui Hou, a National Class One Performer in China and an Honorary Professor at the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts, known best for his military roles.