• Lou Harrison

Full: Harrison Concerto

Programmed by Graeme Vanderstoel

Performances of Lou Harrison’s 1986 Concerto for Piano with Javanese Gamelan are rare, since the piece requires a radical retuning of the piano to match the gamelan’s temperament. It is one of the most beautiful of Harrison’s hybrid works combining Eastern and Western instruments. For these special performances, phenomenal pianist Sarah Cahill teams up with Gamelan Sari Raras, a performing ensemble in the Department of Music at UC Berkeley. Founded in 1988 under the leadership of Midiyanto and Ben Brinner, Gamelan Sari Raras focuses on traditional Javanese gamelan music and contemporary works. The gamelan was donated to the Department of Music by Sam and Louise Scripps in 1976. Along with Harrison’s concerto, Gamelan Sari Raras will perform traditional Javanese music.

This program will be presented twice in one evening; visitors are welcome to stay for both performances.