Karen Feldman: Angel on Your Shoulder: Representations of Modern Conscience

If individuals have a conscience, can corporations such as Apple, nations such as the United States, and movements such as #MeToo have consciences, too? How do we communicate and visualize conscience in narratives and symbols? How does conscience evolve, and how do narratives and symbols change to reflect these evolutions? Join noted UC Berkeley theorist Karen Feldman to explore the rhetoric of conscience, and how it was conceptualized and visualized through the ages.

Feldman is a critical theorist who studies the methods by which political power manifests in societies. She is chair of and professor in UC Berkeley’s German Department, and her areas of specialization include hermeneutics and phenomenology, the Frankfurt School, German Idealism, literary theory, and aesthetics.

Participants and topics are subject to change; visit Berkeley Arts + Design (artsdesign.berkeley.edu) for the most up-to-date series information.