• Tiare Ribeaux

Tiare Ribeaux: Regenerative Futures

Hawaiian artist and curator Tiare Ribeaux (@tiareribeaux) blends indigenous approaches to ecology with radical material research in hopes of leveraging Native values with contemporary technology. Her work with bioplastics for clothing furthers a discussion about how the basic materials we use can be a site for cultural renewal, and how the body can be the starting point for a more sustainable planet. Plastiglomerates—geological manifestations of plastic waste in the active zones of Hawaiian volcanoes—are her call to action: “As kānaka maoli, we are all called to reconnect to our reverence to [the diety] Pele and Kilauea [the volcano she inhabits] in order to maintain balance and recognize our role as stewards of the land and the islands,” she says.

Ribeaux is the founder and artistic director of B4BEL4B gallery and cofounder of REFRESH Art, Science, and Technology. She runs art-science workshops out of Counter Culture Labs and has produced visual arts, new media, and performance arts events focused on radical inclusivity and cultural dialogue.

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