Roundtable Reading: A Mystery Bigger than Big / Un misterio más grande que grandísimo by René Saldaña

Recommended for ages 8 & up (younger kids welcome as listeners)

  • Reading led by

    Vreni Michelini Castillo is an artist and educator.

Mickey Rangel is the real deal—a smart, wisecracking fifth-grade detective with an online certificate to prove it, not to mention his solid record of solved cases. Now, everyone’s talking about Natalia, the quiet new girl who doesn’t interact with anyone. Rumors are flying: Were her parents Russian spies? Mexican drug lords? Is she in the witness protection program? Or could she be an escapee from the circus? What’s her real story? Goaded on by his arch-nemesis Bucho, Mickey is determined to crack the case!

This is our first bilingual Roundtable Reading, offered in partnership with the Berkeley Public Schools’ Two-Way Immersion language program and dual-language programs in other local schools. We’ll read for a while in Spanish and then switch to English as we continue the story.

About Roundtable Reading
Young readers are invited to read the beginning of a good book aloud in BAMPFA’s convivial Reading Room, and pick up a copy to continue reading at home. No advance sign-up needed; just show up at 3 o'clock, ready to read!