Lil B: Extremely Rare Photography and Art Collection Issue #1

Iconic Berkeley recording artist Brandon “Lil B” McCartney expands on a series of lectures at universities across the country where he has discussed life, love, and contributing to the common good. Here, he presents photographic works and “extremely rare art,” sharing his unique focus on compassion, unrestrained creative expression, and the power of positive thinking.

Brandon “Lil B” McCartney penned his first Billboard 200 hit at the age of fifteen with his group The Pack. His song “Vans” received nationwide airplay and worldwide distribution through Jive Records, launching Lil B’s career as a recording artist. Since his early successes, Lil B has recorded nearly three thousand songs, self-produced and directed hundreds of music videos, and developed an army of online and real-world supporters with a creative style and originality unmatched in the entertainment industry. Lil B is a published author and the architect of the “Based” lifestyle—a philosophy that encourages positive thinking and creative expression in the pursuit of happiness and helping others.