Panel Discussion: Carlos Villa: Worlds in Collision

Artist Carlos Villa organized an iconic series of exhibitions, symposia, curricula, publications, and web projects under the "Worlds in Collision" umbrella, from 1976 until his passing in 2013. These projects and conversations addressed multiculturalism, education, activism, and identity politics with the intention of shaping a more inclusive art world and art history. This program is an opportunity to revisit this legacy and refresh these important conversations.

Styled in a format reminiscent of the original symposia, this event is a mix of panels and breakout conversations, organized around three themes:

2:00 Carlos Villa's History and Legacy: Amalia Mesa-Bains, Jeff Gunderson, Lian Ladia, Dewey Crumpler, Theo Gonzalves

3:30 Worlds in Collision Then and Now: Moira Roth and Mark Johnson, Thea Quiray Tagle, Brett Cook, Jackie Francis and Kathy Zarur

5:00 Filipino-American Arts: Jenifer Wofford, Patricia Cariño Valdez, Kim Arteche, Michael Arcega, Alleluia Panis

with opening keynote by Amalia Mesa-Bains and closing remarks by Theo Gonzalves

Breakout conversations are as important as the panel presentations, so community members are warmly welomed to attend and participate.