Mental Minefields: The Dark Tales of Zeki Demirkubuz

6/8/08 to 6/28/08

“An auteur with a genuine spiritual sensitivity, Zeki Demirkubuz (is) one of the world's few convincing existential filmmakers” (Boston Phoenix). Discover this Turkish director's acclaimed body of work, a compelling portrait of morality in the contemporary world.

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  • Block C, June 8

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Past Films

  • Confession

    • Saturday, June 28 6:30 pm

    A husband's suspicions lead to “the most shattering depiction of marital life since Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage.”-Edinburgh Film Festival

  • Destiny

    • Saturday, June 28 8:15 pm

    This prequel to Innocence develops that film's characters and won the Best Director prize at the 2006 Istanbul Film Festival.

  • Fate

    • Saturday, June 21 6:30 pm

    Transplanting Camus's The Stranger to Istanbul, Demirkubuz's absurdism “suggest(s) Beckettian farce as realized by the Coen brothers.”-Village Voice

  • Innocence

    • Saturday, June 14 6:30 pm

    A young man just out of prison is drawn into a disturbing love triangle in Demirkubuz's acclaimed breakthrough film.

  • The Third Page

    • Saturday, June 14 8:35 pm

    Another hapless hero-a suicidal movie extra-whose life is transformed and transfixed by a woman, Demirkubuz's own brand of irony.

  • The Waiting Room

    • Sunday, June 8 4:00 pm

    In his most personal film, Demirkubuz himself plays an alienated auteur who can't wrap his mind around Crime and Punishment.

  • Block C

    • Sunday, June 8 6:00 pm

    A provocative parable of modern living and female identity, Demirkubuz's first feature “portrays high-rise life as an inescapable moonscape.”-Village Voice