Roundtable Reading: The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm

Recommended for ages 8 & up (younger kids welcome as listeners)

  • Reading led by

    Davey Reed is a librarian at Thousand Oaks Elementary School in Berkeley.

Galileo. Newton. Curie. Science can change the world. But can it go too far? Eleven-year-old Ellie wonders about the strange and bossy new boy who, weirdly enough, looks a lot like her grandfather, a scientist who’s always been a bit obsessed with immortality. Has Grandpa finally found the secret to eternal youth? Join us as we read this story that celebrates the wonder of science and explores fascinating questions about life, family, friendship, and possibility.

About Roundtable Reading
Young readers are invited to read the beginning of a good book aloud in BAMPFA’s convivial Reading Room, and pick up a copy to continue reading at home. No advance sign-up needed; just show up at 3 o’clock, ready to read!