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Past Events

  • Sunday, August 22, 7PM PDT

    Livestream: Three-Point Perspective

    Period instrumentalists of the Contra Costa Trio reflect on the exhibition The Enduring Mark: Six Centuries of Drawing from the Gray Collection in a concert recorded at BAMPFA.

    Programmed by William Skeen

  • Presented Saturday, July 31, 7PM PDT

    Livestream: Ensemble PHASE

    The Korean musical group Ensemble PHASE performs excerpts from composer Edward Schocker’s new work Self_Less, along with traditional Korean music

    Programmed by Thingamajigs

  • Presented Sunday, July 25, 9 AM PDT

    Livestream: Sound of Wave in Channel

    An eleven-hour marathon experience of word and sound with poet Stephen Ratcliffe and the Thingamajigs Performance Group, followed by a live Q&A.

    Programmed by Thingamajigs

  • Presented Thursday, July 15, 7 PM PDT

    Livestream: Ensemble Pandemic Practices

    Hear from members of local ensembles who developed ways to make music together during the pandemic.

    Programmed by Thingamajigs

  • Recorded Monday, July 12, 5 PM PDT

    Livestream: Destiny Muhammad on Rosie Lee Tompkins

    Local jazz harp legend Destiny Muhammad presents her new work Rosie Lee Tompkins: Guided by Something More Powerful, an improvised sonic suite livestreamed from the gallery of Tompkins’s artwork.

  • Presented Thursday, July 8, 7 PM PDT

    Livestream: Redline Redefined

    Artists Sudhu Tewari and Theresa Wong discuss real estate redlining and equity and share from their sonic portfolios

    Programmed by Thingamajigs

  • Presented Sunday, June 27, 7 PM PDT

    Livestream: Our Stories, Our Sounds

    Recent alumni of the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts program for young artists premiere their work-in-progress video opera, developed with the mentorship of writer Beth Lisick and composer Lisa Mezzacappa.

  • Recorded Saturday, June 26, 2021, 7 PM PST

    Livestream: The Electronic Lover

    We present the online premiere of two episodes of The Electronic Lover, a new “audio opera” by Bay Area composer Lisa Mezzacappa and New York writer Beth Lisick. The cast and creators join us for a conversation.

    Programmed by Sean Carson

  • Recorded Wednesday, May 26, 7 PM PDT

    Livestream: Contemporary Ballet by Women Choreographers, Part 2

    Choreographer Kathryn Roszak presents a second program of recent ballet works by local women choreographers, featuring Smuin Ballet, Berkeley Ballet Theater, Diablo Ballet, and Danse Lumière.

    Programmed by Kathryn Roszak

  • Presented Sunday, April 25, 7 PM PDT

    Livestream: Contemporary Ballet by Women Choreographers, Part 1

    Choreographer Kathryn Roszak presents recent ballet works by local women choreographers, featuring Smuin Ballet, Berkeley Ballet Theater, Diablo Ballet, and Danse Lumière.

  • Recorded Thursday, March 25, 2021

    Livestream: SPELLLING

    Berkeley’s own SPELLLING weaves rich sonic textures into dramatic compositions that are equal parts dream-state ritual and earthy funk, showing off her expressive vocal styles.

  • Recorded February 26, 2021

    Black Life: Dax Pierson

    Music producer Dax Pierson discusses his work with Black Life cocurator Ryanaustin Dennis.

  • Recorded Thursday, January 7, 7 PM PDT

    La Folia

    Post:Ballet presents the premiere of La Folia, a ballet duet, along with other works.

    Programmed by Sean Carson

  • Presented Thursday, December 3, 7 PM PST

    Destani Wolf

    Powerhouse vocalist and songwriter Destani Wolf mixes live performance and multimedia in this special event.

    Programmed by Sean Carson

  • Presented Sunday, November 1

    Vote Feminist Parade

    Artist Michele Pred presents a feminist digital art parade that combines recordings of two parades performed in New York and Oakland with live music, guest speakers, sing-alongs, and more.

  • Presented Sunday, October 25, 2020

    Guta Galli and Anne Lesley Selcer, On the occasion of the cancellation of The Mouth Is Still a Wild Door

    Poet Anne Lesley Selcer and artist Guta Galli present a collaborative video and are interviewed by Alix Blevins.

    Programmed by Alix Blevins

  • Recorded Sunday, October 18, 2020

    Cosa Nostra Strings

    A livestream performance by Cosa Nostra Strings, a five-piece powerhouse crew of conservatory-trained classical musicians who bring a provocative, precise, punk-rock personality to a diversity of genres and styles.

    Programmed by Sean Carson

  • Recorded Sunday, September 20, 2020

    Zachary James Watkins

    Composer and electroacoustic musician Zachary James Watkins investigates “high vibration resonance” in this livestream performance from isolation.

    Programmed by Sean Carson

  • Recorded Friday, August 28, 2020

    Music for Hard Times

    Join us for this livestream of Music for Hard Times, a work of experimental music commissioned by The Living Earth Show as a sonic resource for comfort and calming.

  • Presented Saturday, July 25, 12 PM PDT

    Storm in Isolation

    A new dance work from inkBoat followed by a live interview and participatory exercise.