• Gauri Gill and Rajesh Vangad: Worship of the Great Serpent Who Lives in the Home of Ants, 2015, from the series Fields of Sight, 2013–ongoing; ink on archival pigment print; 48 x 42 in.; collection of Inderpal Grewal and Alfred Jessel.

Virtual Gallery + Studio: Of Serpents, Ants, and Daily Life

For ages 6–12 with accompanying adult(s)

  • With artist

    Indira Urrutia is a Chilean-born and US-raised artist, educator, and cofounder of several art education initiatives. Through her passion for teaching, she transmits the importance of free artistic expression in a safe environment and guides students in an experimental approach.

Recorded Saturday, September 12, 12:30 PM

Explore ways to turn stories from your daily life into art in this Zoom workshop with artist Indira Urrutia. See how two Indian artists, New Delhi–based photographer Gauri Gill and Warli painter Rajesh Vangad, combine photographs with traditional visual forms. Then experiment with making marks in ink to enrich a photograph of your choice, using shapes, lines, and personal motifs to bring family members, animals, and nature into the picture.


Please gather these materials before our session:
• A large photograph you like and that it’s OK to draw on (8” x 10” or 9” x 12” or similar size). It can be from a magazine or newspaper. Hint: A black-and-white printout or xerox copy of a photo works well.
• A black ballpoint pen and/or very fine-point marker
• A glue stick or simple liquid glue (like Elmer’s)
• A piece of cardboard a bit larger than your photo for mounting your artwork

 Ask your child to practice drawing the marks below before the workshop.

image of shapes and patterns: circle, triangle, square, checkmark, bowtie, spiral, raindrops, and sweeping lines

If you have younger children, encourage them to first draw the marks bigger and then smaller. They could also have a go at naming them such as a circle, square etc.

Tip: Download this PDF to print out the shapes to practice drawing before the workshop.