• Alex Peterson, with Genine Lentine: still from Meadow Mind, 2020.

Virtual Gallery + Studio: '20/'21 Time Capsule: You Rock!

For ages 6–12 with accompanying adult(s)

  • With artist

    Kim Bennett is an artist and teacher whose work ranges across disciplines and includes devotional botanical paintings, imaginary embroideries, and collaborations with kids, poets, and other artists. She holds a BFA from Cooper Union and an MFA from California College of the Arts.

To make a time capsule is to deliver a message to the future. What message would you leave for others to find? In the video Meadow Mind https://matrix277.org/Object-38, we see how students have left art and messages for others to find while growing a garden on the grounds of the San Francisco Art Institute. After we make drawings about the things that have been important to us during the pandemic, choose your favorite image to draw on a specially chosen rock and plan to place your rock where someone might find it later.

Materials and Preparation

Please gather and prepare these materials before our session:

  • A special rock—not too small—that you can draw on (One with a smooth area on one of its surfaces will work best. Clean it up a bit to prepare your drawing surface.)
  • Paper and pencil for sketching and drawing your ideas
  • A Sharpie or two (Choose a strong color, or two strong colors, that will show up well on your rock.)
  • If you can, please watch this video sometime before the event: https://matrix277.org/Object-38