Virtual Roundtable Reading: Ways to Make Sunshine by Renée Watson

Recommended for ages 8 and up

  • Reading led by

    Adoria Williams is a former BUSD school librarian.

Young readers are invited to read aloud to one another from the opening pages of Renée Watson's book Ways to Make Sunshine. We read together for about an hour. Children who participate at the event receive a copy of the book to continue reading at home.Sign up on Wednesday and Thursday, December 8 and 9, to receive a Zoom link on Saturday, December 11.

“I do not have a boy’s name; I have my name. My name is Ryan and Ryan means ‘king’ and that means I am a leader.” Meet Ryan, who tries to see the best in everyone and to live up to her name. But she has a lot on her mind. For instance, money is tight, so her family moves into a new (old) house in a different neighborhood, and her dad is working the night shift. Meanwhile, the fourth-grade talent show is coming up, and Ryan wonders what talent she can perform in front of everyone without freezing.